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Jamie Foster’s forward-thinking approach to his craft has My Professional Plumber unmatched in customer relationship building

My Professional Plumber is a thriving plumbing business in Tennessee, found-ed by Jamie Foster. With more than 33 years of experience, Jamie has grown his company from humble beginnings to a team of 15 dedicated professionals. The company specializes in various plumbing services and is renowned for its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Jamie Foster’s path to becoming a successful plumber and business owner was a journey that started within his family. While still in high school, Jamie began working with his family during summer breaks, gaining early exposure to the plumbing field. His dedication and passion for the trade led him to start his own plumbing business in Florida after completing a plumbing apprenticeship.

Eventually, Jamie’s journey brought him to Tennessee, where he worked for several plumbing companies. It was during the economic downturn of 2010 that he decided to venture out on his own. With just $100 and a strong will to succeed, Jamie opened My Professional Plumber. He took the proactive approach of personally introducing himself to neighbors and networking within the community, a strategy that continues to serve the business well today.

The company’s growth has been remarkable. Starting from his own home, Jamie eventually moved to a warehouse location, and now, he oversees a team of 15 employees. This growth has been both humbling and rewarding for Jamie, who remains committed to maintaining the close-knit relationships he established with customers from the very beginning.

Jamie is passionate about what he calls the five things our customers expect and get from us. “We show up on time, we have real people that always answer the phones day and night, and all our technicians are background checked and drug tested. We have respect for our customers home by being neat and clean and we clean up after ourselves. The fourth thing is our no risk 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Lastly, we pride ourselves on no surprises. Our customers approve that price before we start. A lot of customers have taken the day off for work. We make sure that we do a thorough evaluation of their plumbing, so that when we leave, there are not leaks that we did not catch, so they do not have to to take another day off work.”

My Professional Plumber offers a range of plumbing services, including common tasks like fixing kitchen sinks and water heaters. Notably, they have also handled significant projects such as water pipe replacements in resorts, work at luxury properties like BlackBerry Farm, and services for nursing homes.

Jamie is forward-thinking and aims to expand his business by adding heating and air services to meet the growing demands of his customers. He believes that this addition will enable the company to provide an even more comprehensive service to its clientele.

My Professional Plumber nurtures talent through apprenticeship programs and provides opportunities for staff growth. The emphasis is on building a loyal team that aligns with the company’s core values, fostering a family atmosphere, and ensuring everyone understands the significance of family and personal time.

As My Professional Plumber heads towards 2024, Jamie Foster’s commitment to providing outstanding service and fostering strong customer relation-ships continues to drive the company’s success. The business’s growth and the deep connections Jamie maintains with his team and customers make it an exemplary model in the plumbing industry.

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