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Their business may be information technology, but it’s the people who matter most to Jeff Scott and Neal Arwood, owners of Net3IT. “We want to remove the frustration of technology from the people we work with,” Scott said. “We can put minds at ease and minimize the burden of cyber security and regulatory compliance and make their systems simple to understand and execute.”

Jeff and his wife, Suzanne, started Net3IT in 2012. Jeff started his career as electrical engineer with a passion for automation. He moved to Knoxville in 1999 where he worked for multiple companies as their Chief Information Officer.

“I was hired to fix troubled IT organizations which put of lot of cash back to the bottom line,” he said. “But there was a cycle. After I fixed everything, they didn’t want to continue paying for a CIO. That’s when I decided to start my own company where I could fix the core problems and then be on retainer to continue support.”

The company quickly evolved into a managed IT service provider, able to take on the entire operation of a company’s networks, PCs, servers and related communications. Most often, companies outsource all their IT services to Net3IT; occasionally, they work to support an internal IT staff.

The company customizes every aspect of technology for their clients and provides the guidance necessary to make the right choices the first time. The company specializes in high-value IT services, VoIP phone systems and strategic technology consulting. The industries they serve include healthcare, manufacturing, construction, nonprofit institutions, and the financial sector.

Arwood, a native East Tennessean, joined Scott as a partner in 2014 with a master’s degree in computer science and 15 years of IT experience in various IT leadership roles. Arwood also devoted a decade of his career in the ministry as a pastor. He leverages his unique mix of experience to simplify complex IT issues for clients. “We really want to see our clients achieve their business goals,” Arwood said. “Technology is just how we do it.”  

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