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Optimal Health Regenerative Aesthetics Medical is Knoxville’s premier full-service regenerative medicine facility. They have combined 35 years of medical expertise with their passion to help patients reach optimal levels of health and vitality through regenerative therapies and wellness programs. Founder Dr. J. Scott Brown originally established a modest chiropractic clinic in 1985 in West Knoxville. He has a heart for people and truly wants to see people live their best lives. As his practice grew, Brown wanted to serve people on a greater level by offering access to a completely medically-integrated practice. He began to bring on medical professionals trained in the most advanced and cutting-edge treatments. His practices have evolved to become one of the largest integrated medical groups in Knoxville with three locations.

Always on the forefront of medical advancements, last year Dr. Brown brought Knoxville its first full-service regenerative medicine practice. As a visionary, he identified the potential to help people through regenerative therapies rather than destructive traditional methods, such as surgery or a lifetime of pain medications. The new practice, Optimal Health, nestled in the heart of Turkey Creek uses proven, safe regenerative therapies to help restore and repair tissue in joints as well as to treat other inherited or acquired, acute or chronic conditions in both men and women. They offer a full range of services, including stem cell therapies for joint repair, vaginal rejuvenation, and erectile dysfunction.

Their medical staff also oversees and provides nutritional counseling through a variety of medical weight loss options. They provide regenerative facial aesthetics using the latest innovative practices and equipment such as combining PRP with mesotherapy.

Optimal Health is also known as the Tennessee Center for Excellence as they are the only provider in the state of Tennessee with exclusive rights for the minimally-invasive hair restoration treatment SmartGraft®. Developed by physicians, medical scientists, and engineers, SmartGraft allows them to perform hair restoration procedures safely and rapidly, while delivering natural, permanent results.

The doctors and providers at Optimal Health have decades of practice in the fields of physical and regenerative medicine. With a well-rounded knowledge of the human body, medically and holistically, they are able to provide the most effective, non-invasive wellness, aesthetics, and pain management services available. At Optimal Health they love to say, “You only live once, so take care of yourself!”

Gold Winner in Regenerative Medicine, Hair Restoration, Men’s Health and Longevity, Women’s Health and Longevity
Silver Winner in Hair Replacement
Bronze Winner in Weight Loss

11668 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

(865) 288-4200

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