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One More Reason to Smile

We all want beautiful smiles; to feel confident in our grins, to feel our moods elevated because we feel comfortable in how our face displays our happiness. Here in Knoxville, Pickering & Allen Orthodontics is helping many patients achieve that.

Jim Pickering started his practice about 25 years ago. He has been perfecting smiles and improving lives since before the millennium. Fast forward over 20 years and Dr. Pickering found himself ready to bring on a partner. Through a chance phone call, Pickering discovered his match: Dr. Tyler Allen. Allen was more than Dr. Pickering could have imagined for a partner in his practice. Their phone call was less about teeth and more about what each was hoping to get out of life. They were both looking to provide service to others, and orthodontics was their vehicle for change. “We both had the same goal: to create beautiful smiles while putting our patients first,” Pickering says.

One of the important tools they use is Invisalign, a form of removable, clear aligners which provides patients an aesthetic option to improve their smiles. Digital scans are taken of a patient’s mouth, then treatment is customized by Pickering and Allen before being formatted into a series of aligners. But, there is much more that goes into this process. “These aligners are only as good as the clinicians using them,” Allen explains. Pickering and Allen have made it their mission to provide an exceptional experience to their patients, regardless if they’re using braces or Invisalign.

“Invisalign sends the scans back to us as a proposed plan, and a doctor can accept the plan as is, but that’s where the work begins for myself and Dr. Allen. Our experience enables us to reformulate and reconfigure the scans to move the teeth into the right position,” Pickering says. Invisalign not only straightens teeth, but can fix bite issues as well. For many, it is a more aesthetic and hygienic option that requires less visits to the office.

Both Pickering and Allen have taken master courses and fellowships in order to better treat their patients.  “These classes and courses have opened our eyes to being able to more consistently deliver exceptional results,” Allen says.

It’s more than creating perfect smiles at Pickering & Allen Orthodontics. It’s perfect service as well. From the time a patient receives their first phone call to their last appointment, patients know they are being cared for. “Our team does a great job of making our patients feel welcome and loved and part of the family,” Allen says. “We want to make a difference in those patients’ lives, and I think that’s what sets us apart.”

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