Making memories on Lake Michigan

The weather is near perfect as we leave the marina. Guide Eric Haataja has the boat fueled up and loaded with rods. In the giant body of water that is Lake Michigan, I wonder just how you pinpoint exactly where to fish. “It’s all about the water temp,” says Eric. We are looking for 57 degrees, and sure enough he leads us right to those conditions. Trolling 7-9 rods behind a relatively small boat is nothing short of an art form, and as we troll along I am mesmerized 

by the excited anticipation that I see in my son’s eyes. So it was no surprise when the drag started singing that he was instantly up and to the rod. I think the fight was more than he expected and nerve racking to say the least, but the satisfaction of seeing him holding up that huge salmon was amazing. 

It is so important in the growth of our children to help them experience the real world. To get outside and see the beauty of nature is a gift, but sharing this gift with the ones we love is what makes the experience priceless. Take the time to make a memory.

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