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Rooted in a passion to serve, Rick Terry Jewelry Designs breathes life into the special moments in East Tennessee

It was 1986 when my grandfather and father opened up their iconic custom jewelry shop in Knoxville, The Goldmaster. The opening had come after years of my father, Rick Terry, perfecting his passion for his work as a jeweler. It was his dream to work with members of the community to bring their special moments to life, and he shared that passion eagerly with all those around him. When my grandfather retired just over a decade later, Dad struck out on his own to create Rick Terry Jewelry Designs, but quite honestly, his reputation had already been sealed—everyone already knew him as their jeweler.

As I watch him work, I’m in awe of his drive and skill. It inspired me—and my brother, Matt—to join him in the family business, and we feel blessed to see our small business grow to manufacture, on average, 400 custom in-house designs per year. Using a variety of new and old techniques to accomplish the customers’ goals, together we eagerly tailor our shop’s abilities to each special moment. We are truly honored to be recognized as Knoxville’s Best Custom Jewelry Designers in Cityview’s Best of the Best for 2023.

Traditionally, a wax carver would create your item by hand, then it would be cast into gold. The customer would rarely be involved in viewing the item before the casting process. Today’s newest technology, however, allows us to rely on the much more accurate and efficient form of milling machines to carve the wax.

We can take the same file we send to the milling machine and also 3D print the prototype into a plastic model, which allows the customer to view the design before we move into the milling or casting processes. These new additional steps give our customers the ability to make changes, edit, and view photorealistic renders from the design software.

While this is becoming a standard practice in our industry, we have been using these softwares, milling machines, and printers in our shop since 2004, giving us possibly one of the largest databases of pre-designed custom items in the area.

Our archive is growing every day with new versions of projects, so we currently keep a database of images, prototypes, and photos of finished items in the showroom for new customers to discuss or see the level of work we do on a daily basis.

All jewelry is manufactured somewhere in this world, so why not here in Knoxville, and why not exclusively for you? The ability to look past our register, through the glass into our shop, and see your items being created at our West Knoxville location is something we take much pride in. Without outsourcing the work or purchasing products that were not manufactured to our standards, we can assure our customer base that the priority of our entire team is the quality and workmanship we can provide.

While there are many reputable manufacturers in our industry, we truly believe we are able to provide our customers with the same quality, materials, manufacturing, and workmanship that is available at any premier retail establishment in the world.

We want to be your jewelers. Come in to see us and allow us bring your special moments to life.

Gold Winner : Jewelry-Custom Designers

11320 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37934

Bronze Winner : Jewelry Store

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