Senior Financial Group

Providing Guidance for Your Peace of Mind

When you walk into Senior Financial Group president Jerold Johnson’s office, you are greeted with a warm welcome, as though you have been friends for years. A cup of coffee, a few shared stories, and an hour of conversation about Medicare later, you will feel in-the-know and in control of your health insurance coverage decisions, understanding the future costs of your selected coverage and relieved that you will avoid unexpected surprises. With Johnson as your guide, the maze of Medicare has become something easily navigated without fear.

At Senior Financial Group, this isn’t an experience limited to working with the company’s president, but with each one of the fifteen local independent agents on his team as well.

This family-oriented team delivers guidance and exemplary care for their clients. Many of Senior Financial Group’s no-cost consultations take place in clients’ homes, right at the kitchen table. In contrast to massive health insurance organizations, where one can spend hours on hold, Johnson’s team provides immediate and personal customer service—a characteristic they believe their clients appreciate most.

“It’s not uncommon for our agents to give out their personal cell number or for our administrative secretary to remember the details of your situation that you called about last week,” Johnson says. “When it comes to health insurance and finances, I’ve found that most people feel more comfortable dealing with someone they’re on a first-name basis with.”

Understanding the world of Medicare is complicated to even the most savvy customer. That’s why Johnson started Senior Financial Group in Knoxville almost 30 years ago. His mission was to serve Medicare beneficiaries—and he immediately felt at home with that niche.

With over 10,000 Americans enrolling in Medicare every day, Johnson saw an opportunity to serve in a way that was unique and unbiased. “When you get a policy with us, you establish a relationship.

Some agencies have nine out of ten of their agents turn over every year. We create a stable environment at Senior Financial Group, so that next year you’ll be working with the same advisor as this year,” says Johnson.

The agency has been a trusted partner of Summit Medical Group, East Tennessee’s leading primary care organization, to educate new-to-Medicare beneficiaries on their options. Johnson explains the importance of a reliable source when it comes to Medicare coverage decision-making. “Summit knows we give sound, patient-oriented advice.” SFG also helps clients fill in gaps in their Medicare plan, such as dental, vision, hearing, or cancer insurance coverage.

The Senior Financial Group team is also quite involved in the surrounding Knoxville community, sponsoring events that benefit seniors. The group participates in Mobile Meal’s Power of the Purse, the Office on Aging’s Senior Companion Program Snowflake Ball, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and various events at area senior centers. Senior Financial Group’s Business Development Manager Meghan Glintenkamp has helped with many of these events. “We have a really wonderful senior resource community here in Knoxville,” she says. “Having so many valuable organizations at our fingertips helps our staff better serve our clients, and we’ve put a lot of effort into developing those relationships for their benefit.” 

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