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March April 2023

Fox, Muscle & Joint

Bobby Fox is not just the "massage guy" And this is why. When most people hear the word massage, they often think of the “typical” spa or relaxation massage. The massage treatment that you’ll receive from the massage therapists at

Aging Gracefully

What to Expect When You're Aging As a kid, I thought being 40 was old. Fast forward to present time and I’m, well, old by that definition—and lucky to have that option. Someone wise once said that getting old beats the alternative, and

A Punch to the Gut

Intro by Nathan Sparks It was early fall last year that I happened upon Sara Pugh’s TikTok channel. A UK-based biochemist, Sara’s videos were engaging and informative, consistently encouraging me to consider aspects of my health that I

Do the Hustle

Side hustles, also known as gig work or freelance work, have become increasingly popular A side hustle is a way for people to earn extra money outside of their full-time job, and it can take many forms, such as starting a small