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The Varney Way

From father to sons, the Varneys have brought backyard dreams to life for more than a decade

When Jason Varney started DOCK & DECK in 2010, he knew how much it would take to build the right way. It wasn’t enough to show up and put up a boat dock. This was the business of bringing people’s dreams to life, and he put in the work to make that happen.

“He started off wearing all the hats. He wrote the checks, he built the docks, he talked to the clients,” remembers Hunter, Jason’s son. “Sunup to sundown, he did every single thing A to Z for the company.”

Back in those days, Hunter and his brother, Taylor, were still in school. Taylor was looking forward to college applications, dreaming of joining the Big Orange, and Hunter was entering middle school. Even then, though, it was important to Jason to teach them what it meant to work hard and work right.

He had worked in the log home and timber business for years, but as his new business took shape, and he led his crew out to their jobs, his sons were by his side, lending a hand and learning the ins and outs of the trade.

“My intent was to teach them and coach them into being proficient in all areas,” Jason says. “It just worked out that my children found something they really loved.”

Now with a sister company in Tennessee Pool and Spa, the family business has expanded to become a one-stop shop for the backyard, and Jason has good reason to be proud of his two sons who continue the tradition of bringing a homeowner’s dream to life, the right way.

What defines the Varney way of doing things is their commitment to the home-owner’s vision. That’s what Jason did every day as the company’s founder, and even now that’s he’s handed over many of the day-to-day tasks to his sons, that legacy of service is carried on. Whether clients are working directly with Jason on a design, with Taylor at DOCK & DECK, or with Hunter at Tennessee Pool and Spa, you can be sure the team will be working hands-on with them to make sure their dream gets translated into reality.

“We don’t want to do every job,” Taylor says. “We want to do quality jobs.” All three of the Varneys take pride in being able to tackle any job and do it right, seeing it through from beginning to end exclusively with in-house resources and trusted community partners.

“When you work with any of us,” says Hunter, “you get the same mindset, the same mentality, and we’re going to give you the same level of product.”

While each venture has its own dedicated team, there are many opportunities to closely collaborate. The Varneys can create projects for their clients that stretch from the back door out to the property line, including onto the water.

“The backyard is your second front door,” Hunter says. “We can do the deck, we can do the stairs going down, we can do the pool. We can do a pergola, a pavilion, a firepit, a boat dock. We can do anything, starting from your back door.”

If you want to know what the Varneys can do for your backyard, the best thing to do, they say, is to reach out. You can also learn more about Jason’s journey of passing on his business to his sons by tuning in to their new show on the Flamingo Network on Roku, Staying Afloat, which is anticipated to come out in the spring.

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