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The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys went from house band to Grammy-nominated celebrities

The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys’ humble beginnings in Sevierville turned into a fast-track path to success. I took some time with CJ Lewandowski, the band’s founder, to learn more about some of the band’s standout moments.

Chris Blue: So how does a band form inside a moonshine distillery?

CJ Lewandowski: I was filling in for some of the bands that rotated through (Ole Smoky Moonshine in Sevierville). The entertainment director asked if I would be interested in putting together a band to take up the other location. So I called my friends. (We) had known each other several years before that. The whole intent was just to be a house band at the distillery. It just happened, and it worked.

CB: Where was the first show outside of the distillery?

CL: Our first official show was in Canada. We did a whole weekend at the Shady Grove Bluegrass Festival. Then we got on a plane and went to Europe for two weeks.

CB: You played at the Grand Ole Opry a handful of  years later. How did it feel to play on that legendary stage?

CL: You know, that’s a historic place. Everywhere we looked, we saw somebody we knew, and that really meant a lot because those people have followed us since the beginning. They got to see us accomplish something incredible. We did a 15 minute segment and were one of the last acts of the night. We got a standing ovation.

CB: Was that the biggest moment for the band?

CL: We all came off the Opry stage and said, ‘This is it. This is our pinnacle moment. Nothing can get bigger than this.’ But three or four weeks later, we get a call to say that we were nominated for a Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album. I immediately sent a message to everybody else, and no one could believe it. We didn’t really believe it until we were on the red carpet.

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