Tons of Fun!


Today’s playgrounds are designed to captivate the minds of our youth.

Whether it’s the mulch-scented schoolyard or the colorful metal masterpieces of today, playgrounds are a timeless option for an afternoon of family fun. Restless kids can burn off energy, invent their own games, and even create healthy habits that last a lifetime. 

Kids at play are having healthy, creative fun. But research shows that there’s a lot happening beneath the surface. Childhood play is a natural exercise where kids connect with their peers, develop their emotional intelligence, and express themselves. It’s not just fun ‑it’s one of the most important parts of childhood. 

There’s a lot that kids can get from a playground that they’ll never get from a screen. It’s important to focus on hanging up the controllers and getting outdoors. Knoxville offers a variety of playgrounds for children of all ages, including ones created out of wood, metal, and recyclable material. Each playground offers different challenges and interactive features.  

Lakeshore Park’s Hank Rappe Playground • 6410 S Northshore Dr.
This playground is a visually-stunning twist on the classic schoolyard.

Ashley Nicole Dream Playground • 620 Winona St.
Knoxville’s first fully-accessible playground includes both classic and modern equipment.

Fort Kid • 1049 Worlds Fair Park Dr.
This elaborate wooden fortress is conveniently situated in the heart of downtown.

Suttree Landing Playground •1001 Waterfront Dr.
With a small playspace and a waterfront view, Suttree Landing is the perfect picnic spot.

Victor Ashe Park Playground •4901 Bradshaw Rd.
This classic playground is bordered by open fields, hiking trails, and much more.

Photography by Keith Norris

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