Top Chefs 2022: Chef Danny Wilhoit


Located inside the Avalon Country Club Clubhouse, T-Prime Steak and Seafood brings fine dining and exceptional views together under one roof. Chef Danny Wilhoit has reimagined the menu here, creating upscale American cuisine for restaurant-goers. Growing up on a farm with his family instilled an early connection to food within this local chef.

Wilhoit began cooking as a child, but got his first job in the restaurant industry at the age of 15. He started as a dishwasher, eventually moving up to prep cook. As he progressed to chef, his focus and creativity evolved which led him to the types of executive chef roles he is in now. “Now, what pushes and drives the inspiration is really the adrenaline and pressure that comes with being in the kitchen as well as getting to see people’s faces and reactions whenever I serve them amazing foods,” he says.

Wilhoit’s first mentor was in culinary school, and that mentorship helped him along the path he was already forging for himself. The philosophy behind the dishes he creates is straightforward, which is the way he thinks it needs to be: “Fresh, simple, local when possible. Let the food speak for itself.”

With the menus he creates for T-Prime, Wilhoit first makes sure to look at what is in season and what local farmers have to offer, gaining inspiration from the produce and meats that are available. He takes pride in his work and enjoys perfecting dishes until they’re exactly what he envisioned.

“The most memorable moments in the kitchen are anytime when you’ve been working on a dish or a process again and again and again and again, and then finally, you nail it and you just have that feeling that you know this is gonna be great.”


Ippoglosso e gnocchi parisienne (halibut & gnocchi) – salsa d’aglio, spring peas, black peppercorn, parmesan. Paired with Poggio Anima Grillo, Italy.


Guanciale di manzo (braised beef cheeks) – parsnip two-ways, sweet peppers, roasted mire poix, oregano, parsley, tarragon. Paired with Poggio Anima Montepulciano D’ Abruzzo, Italy.


Ciobar denso e chile zeppole – fried vanilla & habanero pastry, chile chocolate sauce, confectioners’ sugar, cocoa. Paired with Poggio Anima Rosato, Italy.

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