Top Chefs 2022: Chef Deron Little


Cityview 2022 Top Chefs Champion

Seasons Innovative Bar & Grille opened in 2013. Featuring American cuisine in a sophisticated yet casual atmosphere, Seasons is the brainchild of Chef Deron Little, who has made a name of himself over the last 44 years as a leader in the culinary industry. Little additionally operates Seasons 101 in Sevierville, which opened just last year.

Originally from Yakama, Washington, Little moved to Tennessee 28 years ago, but his journey as a chef began long before. His love for the culinary arts began from a very young age, working for a master chef when he was only 15 years old. The experience instilled in him a passion for the craft. “He put the love of food in my heart,” Little says. “And he taught me how to really utilize the main ingredients and to emphasize them, not to cover them up.”

Little’s cooking focuses on fresh ingredients, such as seasonal produce and wild seafood. Most of all, he loves to see the satisfaction on people’s faces when they try a dish that he created. He is not new to the Top Chefs competition, having competed for a number of years, always creating menus guests rarely forget.

Visual artistry has always been an important aspect to Little’s work in the kitchen. He consistently takes time to produce intricate details to each of his dishes, something patrons appreciate when their dishes come to the table at Seasons. The most important ingredient to Little is not what you’d expect, but it reveals the depth of his character. “It’s my heart. It’s not an ingredient, but it is an item.” he says. “And, I love to teach people in the kitchen. I love to see it inspire them to grow and change their lives through food. It’s really caring about people—it’s not an ingredient, but it is a process.”


3rd Place Winner

Toasted sea salt, king crab leg, lemon curd terrine, and pear reduction. Paired with a 2017 Papapietro Perry Chardonnay, Russian River Valley.


1st Place Winner

Veal loin en croute, gorgonzola cheese, caramelized leek risotto, fire seared tomato, miniature egg plant. Paired with Il Palazzone Brunello Di Montalcino D.O.C.G., Italy.


1st Place Winner

Frangelico crème caramel, brandy flamed mission fig, salted crème fraiche. Paired with Charlston Sercial Madeira, Portugal.

Overall Experience – 2nd Place Winner

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