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  • Aging

    Prescription Drugs and the Elderly

    The elderly and retired spend a great deal of money on prescription drugs. Here, Cityview reviews options to help seniors find the best deal.

  • Around Town

    Around Town

    The Knoxville Film Festival brings film lovers and filmmakers together this September with a variety of movies and documentaries.

    Arts in the Back

    Arts in the Back

    Acclaimed sports photojournalist Patrick Murphy-Racey unveils his artful photos of the Vols football team in a 25-year retrospective exhibit.

    In the Zone

    In the Zone

    As the Vols prepare for a new football season, Bob Kesling considers the future of the team under Coach Butch Jones’s leadership.

  • Dining Out

    Dining Out: Cappuccino’s

    With old-style Italian restaurant décor and a revitalized menu, the newly re-opened Cappuccino’s on Kingston Pike offers authentic cuisine at a fair price.

    Dining Guide

    Dining Guide

    Summer is cooling down—but these barbeque hotspots are always smokin’. Whether you prefer saucy or dry, sweet or savory, Knoxville can please barbeque lovers of all palates.


A Holistic Approach to Healing

As we age, our bodies produce less hormones, which can leave us tired and listless—but hormone replacement therapy may improve these symptoms.


Conversations: Inky Johnson

Wyeth Wilson queries motivational speaker and former UT football player Inky Johnson about his difficult childhood, his football career, and the injury that changed his life.

Local Politics

Local Politics: Vols Rebranding to a T

UT’s switch to Nike apparel generated several changes—and, depending on how the football season progresses, may engender some negative developments. George Korda considers the possibilities.

The Knoxonomist

The Knoxonomist

A reader whines with workout woes—and the Knoxonomist weighs in.