5 Apps to Save You Money

customer using online coupon from smartphone app at restaurant during the day

1. Raise

This discount gift certificate marketplace saves me every time! It may take me an extra 5 minutes in a store to wait for a digital gift certificate to populate my account, but I typically save 5-15%. What’s great is that it can be used in combination with coupons and other discount programs.

2. Honey

I used to search for a promotional code before every online checkout, but this app takes the legwork out of finding a discount code. When using the browser extension on a desktop computer, just click the honey icon before checkout and it will test all the codes it knows to find you your biggest savings.

3. Gas Buddy

The Gas Buddy app claims to have 27 ways to help you save on gas but the one I use most is the cheap gas finder. Cheaper gas could be just around the corner and Gas Buddy will help you find it. They also offer $0.25 off per gallon if you pay using the app.

4. Good Rx

Even if you have health insurance with prescription coverage, sometime the discount on this app is greater. For those without insurance, it’s a must! Enter the name and dosage of the medication and the app will list retailer and prices, allowing you to choose the cheapest place to have that script filled!

5. Ibotta

I’m not a coupon clipper although I aspire to be one. I was thrilled to find out that this app offers cash back on items I already planned to buy. I just link the app to my existing store accounts (such as Target and Kroger) and the app automatically credits my account without having to submit receipts.

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