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The future of Knoxville’s premier magazine media.

When I took the helm of Cityview magazine as publisher in 2001, I never dreamed that what was then a print magazine would become a multimedia company.  But it is 2019, and to survive and thrive in today’s world you have to provide information in a timely fashion, in a way that appeals to how the contemporary “reader” accesses and enjoys media. By no means is our flagship print magazine going anywhere anytime soon—it will always be at the heart of our endeavors. But we have grown so that our magazine now serves as the foundation for a multitude of new ventures.  To ensure the success of this transformation from print to multimedia we first had to recenter ourselves on our “why,” our central purpose.

We believe that our purpose is to inform our readers and viewers about some of the most important things in their communities and in their lives. We’re not here to give you our opinion disguised as objective truth, as seems to be the case so often these days. No, we’re here to tell stories, and investigate, and celebrate, and inform, and educate. If we have an opinion we’d like to share, we’re up front about it.

Any media worth its name must be trustworthy. In the current environment, with the advent of unreviewed content on social media, it can be hard to connect an idea to its source. If you aren’t able to identify who’s writing it or saying it, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s real and what’s fake. That’s why we find it important for Cityview to expand its brand in order to serve as a trusted voice across a number of platforms, not just in print.

We believe that we owe our readers and viewers a sparklingly clear perspective on the topics most important to Knoxvillians, from lifestyle to people to politics. And we believe that it is our responsibility to seek out the very best companies as advertising partners to support this vision across multiple platforms.

Our vision starts with being the best, most informative, most beautifully designed magazine in the marketplace. Our print magazine serves as the anchor for all of our other endeavors, and we have striven to make it something Knoxville anticipates as each issue appears on the newsstand, in the mailbox, or on the waiting room table.

We want our magazine to be fresh and engaging, from our briefest dining guide entry to our longest feature. This month, we enjoyed getting out to the best coffee shops in town, and we are simply thrilled to bring you the story of Emily Andzulis, who dug deep and worked hard with the best trainers in Knoxville to compete at the highest level. We love bringing you the Cityview treatment of her story, with a lively interview by Cait McMahan and fantastic photography by Bryan Allen. We do that in a way no one else in town can.

We’ve built upon our strong magazine foundation by upgrading our web presence to include video in most areas, including short featurettes and social media teasers—check out our fun video short on the Emily Andzulis photo shoot as an example. We produce high quality informative video content for our editorial stories. We offer that same quality of video to our advertisers as well, at a price anyone can afford. That is what it’s going to take to continue to reach the consumer. Whether we are calling out a politician for not keeping a promise or sharing one of our advertisers’ new products, we are committed to providing top notch editorial and sponsored content.

We know that the community has come to expect a certain level of excellence from our publication. We’re ready to share that excellence across a variety of platforms. Look for our online magazine, videos, podcasts, and social media. We want to reach you where you live, work, and play. We want to give all of Knoxville’s best stories the Cityview treatment. And we want to give you the real deal.

We’re keeping you informed about what to expect and when to expect it.

We’re not fake. We’re Cityview.

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