Annie Fletcher


Cazzy’s Corner Grill

Cazzy’s Corner Grill has been part of the Knoxville community since 2012, serving up classic American cuisine set in a contemporary restaurant design. Inside Cazzy’s kitchen is Chef Annie Fletcher. 

Fletcher was part of a military family growing up, traveling around the country throughout her youth. Tasting her mom’s spare ribs while living in Hawaii set her on a path toward food. After playing shortstop for the University of Tennessee’s softball team, Fletcher settled in Knoxville. She worked as a server for 15 years—providing her a different perspective of the culinary industry—before becoming a chef eight years ago. 

While she wears the chef title, Fletcher is at heart an artist. Becoming a chef simply allowed her to practice her passion using food as her medium. “A lot of [my menu] ideas start as sketches in a sketchbook,” she says. “I start there, develop and try things, make notes. But it all starts with the sketchbook.” Dishes based on proteins are her sweet (or savory) spot. 

Fletcher can be found working on new recipes—like those prepared for Top Chefs—both in the Cazzy’s kitchen and at home where you can always find wine, salmon, and chocolate among her staple home kitchen ingredients. She is inspired daily in her work by her late friend and boss, Robert Goebel, and the memory of her co-worker, Alexis Clayton.

Lobster Tail & Filet

Served Ceviche-style with Poblano Aioli, Cilantro Chimichurri, Tostadas, Jicama, and Mint Vinaigrette.

Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake


Served with Rum Caramel Sauce, a Dark Chocolate Tort Sphere, Chocolate Mousse, Mint Cuilis, and an Edible Orchid.

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