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Relax at the Dental Spa

While you recline in the massage chair, your hands are dipped into soothing wax. The warmth of a scented neck wrap cradles your head, and you drift away into an inviting retreat. Where are you? Surprisingly, in a dental office in Knoxville, where innovations introduced by Knoxville dentist Buzz Nabers allow you to finally relax your grip on the arm of the dentist chair.

If all the pampering doesn’t relax you enough, there’s always favorite staff member Henri, who has special skills in stress reduction. With a sweet smile and wagging tail, the resident pet therapist is a golden doodle whose job is to make people happy. Mothers with anxious children appreciate the added love.

Buzz Nabers led the way in a new day for dentistry, bringing much more than the luxuries of a “dental spa.” He’s also sought out innovations in technology and pushed the boundaries of services beyond the scope of traditional dental treatment. 

As Trish and Buzz Nabers began to create their vision for a new satellite office on Gay Street, they enlisted local architect, Zarah Bates. She and Trish began to incorporate gleaming, modern technologies that would be set like sculptures against the backdrop of exposed brick walls, stained concrete, and transparent resin panels. It took a bit of imagination to convert the historic building into a satellite dental office with an upstairs residence. As of 2012, people who live, dine, and shop downtown can now walk to the dentist office. The practice quickly grew, as he continued to serve his main office on Northshore Drive.

As a teacher and a scholar, Dr. Nabers looks into new technologies and emerging research to discover ways that dentistry goes beyond teeth and gums. One of these emerging areas of interest is sleep disorders. “We will continue to incorporate technologies relating to sleep in our practice as it develops,” he says. Nabers also offers laser therapy as a treatment option. Using light wavelengths, the laser targets decay, treats gum tissue problems, and whitens enamel; which means almost no pain, no bleeding, and faster healing.

He also offers what he calls, “Teeth in a Day.” Instead of many repeat visits on busy calendars, or watching and waiting for a problem to get worse, Nabers aims for a more comprehensive diagnosis and all-in-one treatment. That allows patients to prevent problems and complete their treatment in as little as one visit. The office now offers full aesthetic services. Laura Holtsclaw is the Aesthetician. 

Things have improved since the early days of dentistry, but trying to make a dental visit like a day at the spa still seems challenging. It’s a growing trend in many cities because it’s good for the patient and good for the dentist, too. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends the stress reduction benefits of a dental spa for better treatment outcomes. More relaxed patients are easier for dentists to treat, require fewer sedatives, and are more likely to come back. After centuries, there’s finally a new, inspired vision that redefines dentistry. It’s right here in Knoxville.

Says one contented client,  “I have worked all around the country with dentists in almost every state. Dr. Nabers is one of the best dentists in the country.” 

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