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Extraordinary Vision of Timeless Design

There was just something about designing homes that tugged at Jonathan Miller. Perhaps it was his passion for classical architecture. Perhaps it was the occasional residential design opportunities he had, ones quite different than those found on a commercial scale. Or perhaps it was being able to serve his clients from the day he first heard their vision to the day they moved into their new home.  But in the end, it is the unique bond between the client, architect, and a beautiful home created for a specific family that fuels Jonathan’s passion to approach each project as a one of a kind creation.

Miller started his practice, Jonathan Miller Architecture & Design, about 15 years ago. A commercial architect at the time, he found himself enjoying helping friends and family with their home designs in his spare time much more than designing large-scale places like hospitals and malls. To design the home felt meaningful, and he wanted to make that the focus of his life’s work.

Fast forward 15 years and Miller’s sentiments on that haven’t changed. “I get emotional about it because I love the people I’m doing these projects for: my clients. When you get to see what is built and finished from nothing, it’s so gratifying. We use our gift to put on paper all the things they’ve been dreaming of in their home.”

Miller considers countless factors when designing a home.  He thinks through creating the best living experience: starting at the driveway, moving to the front door, and then continuing as you move through the home.  He designs based on the best views, sun orientation, budget, and individual family lifestyles. Everything is taken into account, and it shows. Miller keeps a small team of six, ensuring that regardless of whether the client is looking to build a new home, add an addition, or undergo a renovation, he is able to stay engaged daily. “No matter what the price point is, working with a talented design professional and architect is essential to designing something that is meaningful to the client,” Miller says.

Meaningful, yes, but also beautiful and timeless. Miller and his team pay attention to the history of architecture, and they identify what really makes a house beautiful. That keen eye for timeless structures and designs hails from Miller’s study and love of classical architecture. “One of the trends we’re seeing is that people really love the traditional form to their houses, but also love a contemporary house,” he says. “Everything we’re doing is traditional in its roots, but contemporary in the accents of the architecture.”

And what keeps each home as unique as the next is that aside from getting to know his clients inside and out, Miller is constantly learning and absorbing new ideas and concepts in the industry. “We all need to be students,” he says. “I’ve been working hard to continue learning and growing.” And his designs demonstrate that.

“When a person comes to hire us, they’re asking us to do something special, create a masterpiece.  What we do when designing houses is make them places to create lasting memories that generations will come to love,” he says, “it’s part of their legacy.” 

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