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Santa’s Helpers

Holiday decor experts share their secrets to the magic If it’s beginning to look a little like Christmas, Stephen Brown, Lisa Foster, and Sam George are in part responsible for the transformation. With floral and/or home decor

Painting With Water

John Adams builds magic into outdoor aquascapes His palette consists of browns and golds, aquas and blues, grays from charcoal to ash, and every shade of green. His medium is what the Earth provides: rocks, water, plants, trees, fish,

Artisan Jewelers

Inspiration shines as artists bring beauty and character to custom jewelry One shapes silver and brass. Another relishes the richness of high-karat gold. And a third creates titanium-electrifying colors. But for all their differences,

Metal Work: Blacksmiths

Knoxville makers find flexibility is steel’s greatest strength Ask the average Joe to describe steel and expect to hear some of these words: Cold. Hard. Tough. Unyielding. But ask the men and women in Knoxville who use steel and

Pottery: Mud-Made Art

The potters whose work is featured on the following pages have one surprising thing in common: ceramics is something they stumbled into as an elective at school, and almost immediately they fell in love. “I was sunk, like that day,” one of

Knoxville Woodworkers

Local makers add their own flair to furniture and home goods When the weather outside is frightful—and even when it isn’t—nothing adds warmth and depth to interior spaces like the warm shades of wood. Add to that the talents of local