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Fly Smart

Vacation time is here, but you might not even realize that your jet lag may be impacting your health Migratory birds travel long distances, but do not suffer from what we humans call jet lag. Why? To put it simply, birds don’t use

A Punch to the Gut

Intro by Nathan Sparks It was early fall last year that I happened upon Sara Pugh’s TikTok channel. A UK-based biochemist, Sara’s videos were engaging and informative, consistently encouraging me to consider aspects of my health that I

Life is Messy

Acupuncture treatment refocuses energy on positivity and love Recently, I married and began the transition process from being one to being a couple trying to operate as one unit. As my new husband and I navigated the holidays, where to


Utilizing Knoxville's Greenways and Urban Wilderness It seems like every year more research is released stating the importance of physical activity and exercise to maintain a long and healthy lifestyle. There is a litany of ways to