Cella Flooring and Design

The Standard in High Quality Flooring

This year, Cella Flooring and Design was voted by Cityview Magazine’s readers as the Best of the Best when it comes to Knoxville’s flooring contractors. The store uses a small-scale, customer-based philosophy. Their boutique approach sets them apart from large chain stores, and they work with every client to meet the needs of every home and every price range.

Co-owner Jimmy Murchie brings 20 years of experience and a passion for building to his business. “We have worked very hard to try to implement the highest-quality installations,” he says. “We have acquired—bar none—the best installers in Knoxville, period.”

Cella Flooring and Design understands the importance of how good flooring makes your home feel. An attractive space makes your parties more fun, the family happier, and relaxing easier. They believe in creating functional beauty in every space, and their complimentary in-house design services make updating your flooring a breeze.

When shopping for flooring and design services, you have a lot of options. Cella Flooring and Design understands that, which is why they are dedicated to establishing and maintaining relationships with clients rather than making a one-time sale. Their goal is for you to experience what it means to establish a great relationship with a small company.

From the moment you come in the door, the sales and design team gets a feel for the project and what the client wants to achieve. That’s why Cella has interior designers as well as sales and flooring experts on staff. “I am extremely blessed to have my crew,” Murchie says. “I couldn’t have picked any better people to surround myself with.”

Cella offers a comprehensive range of flooring. From tile and stone, to hardwood, to laminate, to carpet and vinyl, they have a selection for every purpose and price range. And if you can’t decide which floor is right for your space, they can help. Every home is unique, so they encourage customers to take home samples for evaluation.

They also offer complete design services, specializing in kitchens and bathrooms in addition to flooring design for residential and commercial customers.

Finally, Cella’s expert installers will finish the job.
“That’s where, as my father would say, the rubber hits the road,” Murchie says, explaining that good installers make all the difference when it comes to flooring.

Cella’s boutique philosophy has local roots. The store’s owners are from East Tennessee, and they’re invested in the area and its people. Though Cella is a newer name on the Knoxville scene, having been in business for about two years, Murchie and fellow flooring expert Chris Stephens together have over 40 years of contracting experience.
They have a passion for flooring and a wealth of knowledge, as they are used to seeing the design and installation process from many perspectives.

Cella gives you design experts, sales professionals, and flooring specialists under one roof. Your project starts there, is developed there, and is installed by their specialists. Whether it’s a ten-minute conversation or an in-depth, three-hour discussion, Cella Designs want to spend the time it takes to meet your needs. 

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