A Safer Community, Taxpayer Savings, and Changed Lives


Whether you see him sitting on the bench in court or on one in the dog park, Chuck Cerny is interested in people and loves to hear thier stories. That in a nutshell is what makes him a great judge and has guided his career for over two decades­—he always makes sure to understand each side of a case as if it were his own before he makes a ruling. This common sense approach to his legal rulings
allows both sides to see him as a fair and unbiased judge.

Over 23 years on the bench—Does it ever get old?

Absolutely not! I love what I do every day. But what really keeps me excited about this work is seeing positive changes in people who have been involved in the criminal justice system. Whether it’s a drug court graduate who reunites with their children or family, or someone who approaches me and says that I got them into treatment instead of giving up on them, and what a difference it made, it’s always wonderful to see people turn their lives around. 

tell us about your role in veterans’ treatment court.
This court incorporates volunteer veteran “Mentors”, and they give veterans support and guidance, which has directly improved our success rate. Veterans’ Treatment Court, along with “Drug Court” or Recovery Court, are the problem solving courts that make our community safer by preventing recidivism, saving tax payer dollars because participants don’t have to be incarcerated. 

We started our Veterans’ Treatment Court to help one justice system involved veteran, and he has been free of alcohol and drugs for years, and he has not re-offended. I am so proud of all of our graduates! And I am pleased that Mayor Jacobs and Clerk Mike Hammond have asked me to help get a Mental Health Court started as well. We are in the planning stages right now!

Doesn’t Sessions Court handle civil cases also? Tell us about that.

Civil Sessions is satisfying for me as well. Whether it’s a car wreck, or a contract, or a debt collection case, I have a chance to help people resolve their disputes. When they leave they know, regardless of the result, that their Sessions Judge listened, cared about them as people, and worked hard to get to a just and fair ruling.

What are you passionate about in your personal life?

I love spending time with my family: my wife of 30 years, my daughter, son, and son-in-law, and our three grandkids. And I love our two Irish Wolfhounds, Boomer and Baxter. Kim and I can be found at the dog park just about every day, and the time I spend with my dogs is always pleasant and relaxing!

Learn more about Chuck Cerny at www.chuckcerny.com.

POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT – Paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Chuck Cerny for General Sessions Judge. Jonathan Cooper, Treasurer.

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