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Home Organization Squared Away in a Day

Story by Tim Frost |  Photography by Brian Sanford

In our experience, an organized space leads to less anxiety and an increase in happiness. There is nothing quite like looking into your closet to find the shelves in order, everything within its designated space. Without that organization, you might find anxiety-inducing chaos within, something none of us want.

When Closet Solutions was founded back in 1997, the goal was to bring order and intention to East Tennessean homes. Today, 25 years later, we continue to bring that clarity and calm.

“Way before the beginning of organization, before it was on Pinterest and Houzz, it wasn’t such a big thing in home building, so there was a learning curve,” says Pam Neuhart, Closet Solutions founder. “It gradually picked up speed with more people realizing what products are out there. They wanted more than just wire shelving.”And it made good financial sense, too. “If you’re paying so much a square foot for a house and you leave a closet just bare bones, you paid a lot for that empty square footage that just isn’t being used efficiently.”

Pam built this company from the ground up, and I was thrilled for her to be willing to pass the business on to me a few years back. Today, with Pam still on our team, we continue to design and install solutions for not only closets, but also garages, kitchen pantries, laundry rooms, spare rooms, home offices, and more. We customize homes to suit exactly what you want and need. 

We first meet our clients in their homes to measure and make preliminary suggestions for the space they’re looking to transform. If we walk into a closet and see 100 purses, then we work that into the design. If there’s a hefty shoe collection, we find a way to incorporate it. Our showrooms then offer sample spaces to inspire ideas, and we use our modeling software to take clients on a tour of what their new space could look like. 

At design completion, our in-house installation team heads out to residences to get the space squared away in a day. Everything has a place, and at Closet Solutions, we work to help you redefine what that means in your home.

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