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Resting in the Comfort of Home Security

Story by Jeremy Scurlock  |  Photography by Ethan Smith

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It was 2008 when I first entered the home security industry. However, the field was anything but new to me. As a former home builder, the need for a more advanced approach to home security was evident. The intricacies of how a home is built and what goes into creating that feeling of being in a place of comfort has always fascinated me. That starts with how a home is designed and built, but ultimately, once a family is there, that feeling of comfort often only remains if the proper security measures are put in place.

Our mission at Advanced Security Systems of Tennessee is to provide comfort and relief for families in their homes. We want them to be able to utilize their security systems with ease and feel happy with the products they’ve chosen. And we want that ease and relief to flow into all the other ways they interact with their home, too. After all, it’s our job to figure out the complicated aspects of automation and home security; it’s your job to rest easy in knowing it’s there keeping you, your loved ones, animals, and belongings safe.

Automation for Ease

In the last couple decades, touchscreen panels have made home security much more efficient and easy to use, but that was just the beginning. Automated systems can control your lights, thermostats, cameras—and of course your security—all together in one place. Couple these panels with smartphone apps and you find yourself in control of your entire home at all times, allowing you to see who is on your porch, speak to a delivery person, or open a garage door from across town.

These automated paths have revolutionized security systems. Automated locks can be set up through your phone to geofence, meaning when you leave a certain area that you have designated as your home, the system will automatically lock the doors, turn the lights off, and switch on the alarm system. It will even notify you if a door, garage door, or window is left open. When you return, the system can be set up to identify when you reenter that geofence and have everything ready to go when you arrive. 

In the event of an intruder, these automated security systems are designed to also utilize their sensors to trigger out of the ordinary responses to potential burglaries. In addition to setting off an alarm, they can trigger lights to flash to alert your neighborhood and alert you on your app about an unwelcome guest. This is advanced automated home security at its finest.

Protecting Your Family

It’s important to protect yourself and your family. Being in your home, you deserve to feel safe. Many of our clients in the region have commented on how—over the last couple years especially—the comfort they feel in their homes has been that much greater, thanks to having an automated security system in place. We want to ensure that clients across the region—whether that’s Knox County or Blount County—feel that comfort, too. Call today to make an appointment.

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