Duncan & Sons’ Building Maintenance

Much More Than Mopping A Floor

“I really had no intention of starting a cleaning business,” says Gary Duncan, founder and President of Duncan and Sons’ Building Maintenance, Inc. “I was between jobs and we had four children at the time. I was trying to feed my family by mowing yards and was fortunate enough, when the mowing season was ending, to get a building to clean. That was almost 30 years ago, and we still clean that business today.”

Duncan says he has found the key to success is having long-term relationships with customers and employees. Reuben Duncan sums it up well with our motto “We don’t cut corners—We clean them!” “We measure our success by customer satisfaction and are continually seeking ways to add value to the customer experience” says son, Luke Duncan.

“The bulk of our business growth has come through word of mouth recommendations from the same customers who voted for us to win this award. We are grateful and blessed to serve such wonderful customers.”

Today, the company is located at 1401 N Central Street and employs over 250 team members. Duncan and Sons’ provides services to an array of facilities to include churches, industrial, medical, educational, and professional offices.

“It’s so much more than mopping a floor” asserts General Manager, Sheri Henegar. “Without exception, it’s all about people: hiring and retaining the right people and providing the necessary resources for our team to effectively service our customers. Through these people we proudly deliver commercial janitorial services, supply management, hard surface floor care, water damage restoration, and commercial and residential carpet cleaning.”

“It is a priority to deal with customers and employees with honesty, respect, and with a heart to serve in all we do,” Duncan adds. “It is very humbling to see where the business is today in light of where it began in 1989. It has been hard but rewarding work.”

“My wife, Robin, and I now have nine children. The oldest is 37 and the youngest is nearly 16. We are currently expecting our 18th, 19th and 20th grandchildren. We have been blessed with family. Two of my sons, Luke and Reuben, will be taking over the business at some point. They’re kind enough to let me think I’m still running it,” he says with a smile.

At Duncan and Sons’ we have been given many opportunities to serve” he says. “We have been fortunate to be a part of a business that isn’t solely about growth and money. In the routine of our work we are often confronted with the needs of others. The business is a platform for serving, both our customers as well as our team members.”

“We hope to invest in a manner that makes a significant difference in the lives of others. We are very grateful to have this mission and very thankful for the singleness of purpose we experience within our team. We don’t just work together, we are involved in each other’s lives. Even though I am certainly at so-called retirement age, I find it very difficult to leave.”   

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