East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Bringing Care to the Home

The decision to find a home health care service isn’t an easy one to make, but if faced with that challenge, the people of Knoxville have decided that one provider goes above and beyond in their skilled services offered during a fragile time for many families.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has been offering home health care services since 1984. Director of Childrens Hospital Home Health and Rehabilitation Services, Ron Phillips says “we had the vision to recognize that the home health services needed for the most fragile pediatric patients was not available in the community.  We recognized that we could not and would not provide adult care and would specialize in what we do best ‘we get kids.’”

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has focused on the welfare of the youth in our community for over 80 years. What started out as a simple recognition of a need has turned into one of the largest pediatric-specific health care agencies in the South. When it comes to home health care, Phillips recognizes why they stand out from other providers, “We are a pediatric only home health agency. We offer skilled services such as nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. We also provide specialized equipment just for children. We understand that the care our children need is very different from adult care and all of our staff have specific training and the desire to work with pediatric patients.”

The goal of home health care services goes beyond simple medical care according to Director of Marketing Seth Linkous. “Home Health is an extension of what we do every day as a hospital. The community knows this is a special place, and Home Health takes our care outside of our four walls and into the patient’s home. Whether at the hospital, at an office, or at the patient’s own home, we work to create environments for healing and family-centered care. We understand that family is the main source of strength for these patients, and Home Health keeps them at home,
out of the hospital, and closest to their healing strength.” It isn’t an easy job, but it’s one that staff truly care about. “The staff at Home Health are the finest. These families are inviting these staff members into their home. Not only are they there to provide medical care, but they are also a listening ear, a support system, and cheerleader for these families who are caring for critically ill and fragile children.”

Appreciation isn’t just reserved for the staff at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Winning first place in Best Home Health Services wouldn’t be possible without the community that has found healing and comfort through the care they were given from the staff at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. “We are honored to be voted as the Best of the Best.  There are so many good agencies in this area that it highlights how passionate our staff is in providing care to some of the most fragile of our population,” says Phillips. The community of Knoxville is made up of a true volunteer spirit with a willingness to support the important mission of the care for and support of our children, which makes it that much easier for the staff at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital to love and care for them. “Our goal is to provide the highest quality of Home Health Care to your child.” 

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