G. Turner Howard III

Compassionate Justice

G. Turner Howard III leads the charge as a shining example of legal excellence in East Tennessee

In the world of personal injury law, where empathy, integrity, and exceptional results are paramount, the G. Turner Howard III Law Firm stands as a shining example of legal excellence with a heart. Founded on May 15, 2000, this East Tennessee-based firm has been a steadfast advocate for those who have suffered serious injuries due to accidents, inspired by a deeply rooted commitment to service above self.

G. Turner Howard III, the firm’s founder, draws his inspiration from the Christian calling of service. He views himself as a Christian first and then as a lawyer. His approach emphasizes authenticity, empathy, and humility. When asked what sets his firm apart, he underscores the intentionality of creating and sustaining a strong, cohesive family culture that combines exceptional results with genuine humility, a rarity in the industry.

The team at G. Turner Howard III Law Firm values collegiality, mutual respect, and dignity, nurturing a work environment that fosters empathy and teamwork. “We understand the importance of choosing an attorney who genuinely cares, takes their work seriously, but doesn’t let their identity become solely defined by their profession,” Howard says. 

The firm’s proudest moments come at the end of each year when they celebrate their successes and mark another year of stability and longevity as a team. This enduring commitment to their clients is reflected in their active community involvement. They have supported a local urban charter school, engaged in pro-bono work for veterans and underserved individuals, and remain deeply connected to the needs of their community.

One case that holds a special place in Howard’s heart is the firm’s very first, which commenced in May 2000. “It involved a wrongful death claim due to an oversight on medical scans that resulted in the loss of a nurse’s life,” he recounts. “Our firm’s relentless pursuit of justice led to a substantial six-figure settlement for the nurse’s grieving children, providing not only financial relief but also a sense of closure and accountability for the family.”

In recognition of their unwavering dedication, the firm has received several Tennessee Bar Association Pro Bono certificates, boasting over 300 5-star reviews, and consistently ranking among East Tennessee’s top personal injury lawyers. “The G. Turner Howard III Law Firm is not just a legal practice,” Howard says, “it is a sanctuary for justice, a beacon of service, and a testament to the profound impact one can make when practicing law with compassion, humility, and excellence.”

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