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Cultivating Greatness

Northshore Nursery has the materials and the know-how to make your landscape beautiful all year round

Imagine sitting with a designer to create your perfect landscape and being able to walk out of the office and pick up the materials you need right there. That is the goal of Mike Newman, founder and owner of Northshore Nursery.

Newman has degrees in both ornamental horticulture and landscape design from the University of Tennessee—and more than 30 years of practical experience on top of that. His work at the nursery mixes that expertise with his deep passion for horticulture and design, and Northshore Nursery maintains 10 acres’ worth of plants and keeps in stock irrigation supplies, paver stones, mulch—whatever you need to make your landscape the best it can be.

“There’s no more guesswork,” Newman says. “Here you’ve got the labor, you’ve got the plant materials, and you’ve got the design. We’re a complete one-stop-shop to get everything you want done right.”

Design & Installation

A big part of being able to provide comprehensive service is to have both the materials and know-how on hand every day. For those of us who don’t have Newman’s decades of experiences (or the time to catch up), Northshore also supplies the hands needed to get the work done right. Once we’ve made the investment to craft the perfect landscape, we want people like Newman there to make sure the install is as high quality as the materials.

“At Northshore Nursery, we offer not only full custom design services, but also complete installation of every type of outdoor living space,” Newman says. All you have to do is sit down with him and figure out what you need, and Newman and his team will take care of the rest. He’s confident that they can turn any yard into something memorable and teach you a few tricks of the trade to help you keep it beautiful year-round. 

For Newman, it’s about both the result and the journey. He loves to see how his knowledge, experience, and labor can change a raw landscape into something remarkable, and it’s satisfying for him to see both that steady growth over time and the stunned looks on people’s faces when they see the change for the first time.

“I like taking something that’s little and undeveloped and helping it mature into something beautiful,” Newman says.

Works of Art

For the holiday season, Northshore Nursery has a special service to offer you as well: custom wreaths. They have a wreath-making machine on-site; all you have to do is call ahead and bring your greenery and decorations. Feed it in, and the machine clamps it all together for you, leaving behind a perfect wreath for you to take home.

Whether you’re a new gardener, a seasoned professional, or just looking for something unique for the holidays, Northshore Nursery has the tools and know-how you need to bring your green dreams to life.

14301 Northshore Drive, Lenoir City, TN 37772 | (865) 816-6102

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