Haw Ridge

Running and Riding the best trails around

Nathan Sparks

Situated on the Clinch River between Knoxville and Oak Ridge, Haw Ridge Park offers 30 miles of trails for recreational activities such as trial running, hiking, and mountain biking.  Some of the leisurely trails follow the contours of the shoreline, offering beautiful river views, while others climb the steep inclines, providing challenging trail running and exhilarating mountain biking experiences. In addition, the 780-acre park is a popular spot for geocaching—a relatively new sport in which participants use GPS coordinates to search for a hidden object. The banks of the Clinch River are a great spot for fishermen looking to catch rainbow and brown trout, smallmouth bass, and walleye.  To complete the well-rounded list of activities, adjacent to Haw Ridge Park is Solway park, which offers access for paddlers and boaters.

Park Entrance: 821 Edgemoor Road, Oak Ridge TN

Hours: Dawn to dusk

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