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Garza Law Firm

Property & Personal Safety Unraveling the Complexities of Tennessee Premises Liability Law Story by Jason Legg | Photography by Nathan Sparks In the vast landscape of legal matters, few areas carry the weight and impact of

Window Depot

The Good Partners Window Depot stands by the idea that it’s not just what you know—It’s how much you care Story by Matt McGarry | Photography by Nathan Sparks Chuck Dale, owner of Window Depot USA of Knoxville, understands that a

Blinds N More E. TN.

A Dedication to Service Blinds & More E. TN. brings relationship building and quality window treatments to a new level in East Tennessee—one where we’re all family Story by Matt McGarry | Photography by Nathan Sparks Knoxville

Pickle Roll

Unveiling PickleRoll Knoxville’s homegrown pickeball champion is leading the way to a greener future and gearing up for Tennessee’s largest tournament  Story by Andrea Akers PickleRoll unveiled the industry’s first portable

Burger Nation

20 Local Restaurants Perfect an American Classic There is nothing in the American kitchen quite like a hamburger. Whether you're grilling it up in your own backyard or getting yours hot from your favorite restaurant, you know you're

A 3D Way to Help

Dr. Justin Daggett's 3D-Printing is changing the way patients understand their child's diagnoses Yes, Dr. Daggett is holding a child’s skull. Don’t worry, it’s not real; though it’s closer than you might think. It’s a high-fidelity

Anything They Need

Volunteers at East Tennessee Children's Hospital ensure children, families, and staff find home when they walk through the doors Long before the Hematology and Oncology Clinic at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital begins buzzing for the