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Knowing Half

Finding the value in pausing and listening, understanding that there is always more than what meets the eye When I know something, I know half.When I am absolutely sure I know, I know less than half. These are words I heard from

Safe Passage

Partnering for solutions to help wildlife survive A mother black bear is approaching one of the busiest highway crossings near the Great Smoky Mountains. She looks back to make sure her cubs are close by. She’s making a life-threatening

Coming Up – Top Chefs 2024

8 Chefs. 8 Dinners. You're the Judge. Cityview is gearing up for another exceptional Top Chefs series, this year with more treats than ever before. With 8 chefs from 8 local restaurants gracing the list, this year's competition is sure

Campsite Mooch

Nothing tastes quite like outdoor gastronomy cooked up by friends When it comes to backcountry eating, I tend to be described as a minimalist. In order to keep weight down on a five day hike without resupply, this is a necessary

On Board

David Einwechter builds a business with colorful woodcraft and custom designs Tall slabs of rough-cut wood—walnut, cherry, pine, and others—stand at attention along one side of Dogwood Carpentry in Clinton. They’ll be carted off by

Where Legends Stood

Lenoir City's Ethan Vincil relishes moments on the Grand Ole Opry stage, solidifying his path in the country music industry Lenoir City native Ethan Vincil found his voice while singing in church. By middle school, he had learned guitar

Who’s In Charge Around Here?

A new election law is in effect—but will it stay? The question of “Who’s in charge around here?" in city elections—either the Knoxville city charter or Tennessee state legislature—has been settled by the latter. Unless things change.