Keeping Warm

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How to stay toasty on the deck and in the elements

As the temperatures drop and the need to keep our distance persists, the question on all of our minds is how to stay warm while still enjoying all that East Tennessee has to offer. For those who spent time updating patios and decks in the summer, it will be another season to try and make use of the space. And if you’re a hiker or simply someone who enjoys the outdoors, then staying warm is an absolute must to have the best experience possible.

Perfect for Everyday

A simple beanie can go a long way during the winter, but Haley Breland of River Sports Outfitters suggests sticking with wool. Its moisture-wicking properties make it perfect for winter, whether you’re sitting on the deck enjoying the fresh air or hiking in the Smokies during a light rain. Our favorite? The Outdoor Research Ukee Beanie, which retails at $30.

If you plan to head to the woods or simply want to stay warm on your outings downtown, base layers will make all the difference. Breland recommends Patagonia Capilene layers, another moisture-wicking selection that keeps you warm while repelling odor. Patagonia Capilene Air Crew shirts retail at $129.

Long Term Investment

Try to make your deck a four-season investment by installing an outdoor heater. There are a lot of options out there, including fire pits, but Dale Madden of Earthadelic Landscape and Construction suggests an electric infrared heater. His top pick? The Bromic Tungsten Electric heater which retails at $700+. To make the use of the heater more friendly to the Earth, Madden recommends firing it up on a circuit like that of a clothes dryer for a more efficient use of power.

Free for All

The easiest way to stay warm this winter, and avoid the winter blues, is to stay active. Download the Nike Training Club app. This year as a result of COVID-19, Nike has made the entire interface—premium programs, workouts, and nutrition information included—free to all users. It’s an easy way to burn the holiday calories while also releasing some necessary endorphins.

Take it one step further and bring your workout to the Knoxville Greenways trail system. If you haven’t been, there are about 85 miles of free access trails that pass by parks, rivers, and more. Tackle one of the many trails while using a free guided run from Nike Run Club app and you’ll warm up in no time.   

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