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Summer heat is finally starting to wane, days are shortening, and there is the occasional nip in the air. It’s fall in Tennessee, and it is time to revitalize the landscape around your home. “There are many easy tasks that will yield big results come next summer,” says Mike Newman, owner of Northshore Nursery. “But there are also lots of ways to add a little color to the landscape that will last most of the winter season.” 

Where to start? How about visiting the nursery to check out the seasonal fall plants and get some advice? While you are here, we can look at all sorts of options that can make keeping your landscape quicker and easier. 

Update the Landscape Beds

“Nothing brings more of a sense of joy to a fall scene than those big bright blooming mums,” says Mike. Those will look great late into the fall, and now is the perfect time to get some pansies started that will bring color throughout the winter months. Nothing beats a splash of color on a cold day. Once the new plants are installed, wrap them up with fresh mulch. Hardwood mulch helps hold moisture in the soil and provides nutrients as it deteriorates. 

“Adding a sprinkle or two of fertilizer before the mulch never hurts,” says Mike, “but before going hog wild with supplements, it might be good to have a soil test if any of your plants aren’t doing well.” 

Don’t Forget the Lawn

“Fall is also the time for aerating and re-seeding the lawn,” Mike comments. “Overseeding during the last two weeks of September gives new grass time to develop before the heavy frost and time to root in deep enough to survive next summer’s heat.” The combination of flowers in the landscape and new grass on the lawn will make winter seem a little less daunting.

Fall in the Garden

Getting your garden ready for winter will make spring planting a cinch. Mike recommends pulling all the plants that are done producing and planting some fall crops that are easy to grown and will last well into October. Once all your cool weather crops have finished, a few cover crops will keep the soil ready for spring.

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