On the Spot Handyman

The One-Stop Fix-It Shop

On the Spot Handyman prizes work done right and done fast.

You have that nagging to-do list that just doesn’t seem to get done. A lightbulb that needs to be changed. A rotting board behind a gutter. You need a garbage disposal installed, or a TV hung on the wall. You called three companies and no one showed up. You need somebody now. That somebody, says Aaron Hall, is On the Spot Handyman.

Aaron is a team leader with On the Spot, one of the experts who makes the work happen.

“We work exclusively with two-man crews, and our trucks are fully stocked with every tool we could need for almost any job,” says Aaron. “Our objective is to arrive at the job ready to go and provide the highest quality work in the most timely fashion.”

On the Spot prides itself on its teams’ ability to tackle any sort of challenge. They’re skilled in all areas of renovation and have extensive relationships in areas where the jobss need more manpower. It’s these relationships, combined with their own expertise, that truly let On the Spot be a one-stop shop for any home repair.

Just as important as the quality of the work, however, is efficiency. Everyone’s heard the horror stories of contractors who never leave, going way over budget, with the bill shooting up for every extra day marked off on the calendar. On the Spot gives an estimate up front and bills by the hour, with no lurking fees – and a promise not to linger a minute longer than they’re needed! On the Spot won’t be setting up camp in your living room anytime soon, or in your pocketbook. The thing that makes that kind of commitment possible, says Aaron, is experience.

“For as long as I can remember, I was going with my dad, fixing rental properties,” recalls Aaron. 

Turning that into a career seemed only natural to him. Every time he takes an On the Spot van out to a job is an opportunity to do what he does best. That sort of experience, expertise, and commitment is what is expected of every team member.

Because of the efficiency built into the operation, On the Spot is always on the look for new work. “So before that to-do list of yours gets any longer,” says Aaron, “take a look at what On the Spot can do. You might just get a box checked off the list – or maybe even two or three.”

12335 Early Road, Knoxville, TN 37922 | (865) 236-0709


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