Ride Responsibly


It’s about this time of year with spring right around the corner that I am reminded of the importance of motorcycle safety. In my years of practice, I have represented many injured motorcycle riders and all of those cases have a similarity—the driver of the vehicle that hit the motorcycle almost always says they never saw the bike. Nathan and I sat down with Scott Maddux, owner of Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson to discuss how riders can be more proactive in avoiding accidents. According to Scott, there is no substitute for safety and that is why they offer classes for both first time and seasoned riders alike. “It’s an easy way to learn if you have never ridden” says Scott, “We provide everything you need including the motorcycle and upon completion you get a certificate that when presented to the DMV will get you the required endorsement without having to take a test.” Classes are taught at the Maryville location and there are lots of resources for folks wanting to participate in group rides. Smoky Mountain Harley has three full-service locations and four outposts all with resources to help riders unfamiliar with the best places to ride in our area. Scott also made another interesting safety point about the type of helmet riders choose. Tennessee requires riders to wear helmets but not full coverage types. Scott spoke about his personal knowledge of several accidents where full coverage helmets had saved the rider from serious injury. No matter where you choose to do business, be sure to take the time to be informed and choose the best safety gear you can afford. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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