Support Duck Takes Flight


Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt breaks boundaries as the hottest new support animal.

Carla Fitzgerald worked as a horse carriage driver until a wreck left her physically and psychologically damaged. It took months for her to learn how to walk again, but PTSD from the incident continues to linger. While many people with PTSD turn to therapy or active hobbies to help maintain their peace, Carla turned to a mild-mannered mallard named Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt. After seeing how they interacted, Carla says “the doctor recommended that I bring Daniel to serve as an emotional support animal.”

While a duck is far from the average Emotional Support Animal (ESA), traditionally cats or dogs, he is just what Carla requires whenever she boards any type of vehicle. In fact, any domesticated animal can qualify as an ESA; the only requirements are that they are manageable in public and home settings and are qualified by a licensed mental health professional. Daniel Stinkerbutt’s work uniform features little red booties to protect his feet and a diaper. This duck takes on the full-time job of providing peace to his partner.

Stinkerbutt became an internet sensation when he boarded a flight with Carla. This makes sense, as a duck in a diaper is the last thing you’d expect to see boarding a plane. Fellow passengers stared in amazement while the well-behaved bird provided a sense of peace for Carla. Since then, Daniel has been featured on ABC News, BuzzFeed and Cosmopolitan just to name a few places.

Carla believes “as long as the ESA provides the service you need, it doesn’t matter if it’s a pet rock or a pet rhino, just so it brings you peace.” While some people think a duck is a ridiculous ESA, Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt fulfills his purpose gracefully. Without him taking Carla under his wing, her life would be much harder.

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