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May June 2022

Top Chefs 2023

Every year, I think there is no way Top Chefs can get any better, but every year it does. That is due to the chefs who pull out all the stops to create innovative offerings that wow their guests. This year, three new restaurants joined the

Finding Her Voice

Christina "Redd" Daugherty's journey as an artist is just beginning Christina Daugherty’s story is not far from what many musicians have gone through. A challenging experience catapulted her into a life in music. Better known to many

The Art of Listening

A lifelong skill that requires practice, patience, and persistence I must admit that I’ve picked a topic that I may not be an expert on. By trade, I am a trial lawyer. I help injured people seek and receive justice for the harms and

Turning Heads

Tyler Jamison’s passion brings out the beauty in wood Tyler Jamison carves and turns wood, emphasizing texture, highlighting grain. But he’s not working with just any old wood he finds. Each piece is carefully selected, each unique to

The City of Destiny

Pigeon Forge pushed through to find its place on the map In 1783, Colonel Samuel Wear served under John Sevier in the Battle of Kings Mountain during the Revolutionary War. He later settled his family in an area of the North Carolina