The Art of Ink

Photography by April Thomas

In the last decade, tattoos have taken the art world by storm. Tattoo artists have forgone paint and brushes for ink and iron. People use tattoos as a form of expression, remembrance, and symbolism. They range from small numbers and words, to large full-back pieces. April Thomas, owner of Born This Way, says that last year’s trend was a watercolor style, but 2019 is seeing more intricate line work with less color—think mandalas and other geometric designs, as well as floral designs of all types.

Similar to traditional art, it can be collected. Tattoo-connoisseurs travel far and wide to ‘collect’ body art created by famed artists. On August 23, the Knoxville Tattoo Convention is returning to town. Attendees can explore the world of tattoos, view the live process, and meet artists. In addition, artists can enter their designs into competitions while learning about new trends and techniques. For more information, visit and

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