The Harlem Globetrotters return to Knoxville

Photo Courtesy of The Harlem Globetrotters

Lucius “Too Tall” Winston and his teammates are ready to give the Marble City a great show this weekend as the Harlem Globetrotters bring their trademark fun to the Thompson-Boling Arena on January 28th at 7 p.m.

Winston, a native of the south who has been with the Globetrotters for the last five years, was in Knoxville this month promoting the game. He says the game promises extra excitement, especially after the challenging past few years of COVID-19 restrictions.

“We were down for 16 months. So coming back, we didn’t know what to expect,” he says. “But now we’re just trying to act according to what the latest guidelines are…It’s a little different from the shows from before but it still has got some amazing aspects to the game. So we just want to make sure everybody comes out and is safe and protected. And as long as that happens, we can all have a great time.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the Globetrotters, the team comes out for a night of trick shots and stunts, with heaping helpings of fan interaction. Three different Globetrotters teams tour the United States all throughout the year bringing shows to cities. “We’ve all got different talent that we bring to the game,” Winston says. “At the show with me at this game will be Bulldog. And then we’ve got some amazing dunkers like Spider Bounce, Moody, as well as the first female Globetrotter to have a Guinness World RecordTorch. The women can do everything the men can do. And she’s definitely going to come light it up for the females.”

The Globetrotter’s goal is to make this event a positive experience for all ages in each community they visit. One of Winston’s personal favorites each night is the “magic pass,” where a Globetrotter helps a young player spin the ball on their finger for the first time. “I hear that they can’t do it and then I get to see the light and joy and smile that comes on their face when I’m able to transfer the ball to their finger,” he says.

Engaging the community is what the game is all about. “We want you to come, and if you’re a grown-up, bring that inner kid out, if you’re a kid, just come out and have a great time with us,” Winston says. “It’s going to be a party, and we want everybody to come out and have a great time.”

Join the Globetrotters for basketball wizardry and their unique mix of sports and comedy right here in Knoxville on the 28th. From high-flying dunks to incredible trick shots, it’s sure to be a fun-filled experience for the whole family. Find tickets online at

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