The Muscle Shoals Sessions

Emily Wyrick Recording in Muscle Shoals | Photo by Leah Steiger

Emily Wyrick shares a message of hope and continues a musical legacy in her new EP

FAME Studios is a place where musical history is made. Since 1959, it has seen hundreds of artists come through its doors, some with names like Clarence Carter and Aretha Franklin, and recently Emily Wyrick added her name to that list. 

“You hear about all the magic of the studio,” says Emily. “The room is like an extra musician waiting for everyone to bring something to the table to combine to make something new.”

Emily Wyrick Recording in Muscle Shoals | Photography by Leah Steiger

And last Friday, listeners got to experience that magic with her, as her new EP, The Muscle Shoals Sessions, released to the public. It features three original songs, created in collaboration with numerous other artists – Spooner Oldham, David Hood, Vince Ilagan, and more – and it was the collaboration, Emily says, that makes the songs so unique.

“That’s why the sound can’t be placed in a genre,” she says. “Everyone brought their creativity to the table that day, and it was a perfect balance of everyone’s strengths and who they are as artists.”

As the first listeners begin to tune in on Spotify, Emily says she’s both excited and grateful. She’s always known that music was her passion, but it was only recently that she decided to take the plunge and commit to that path as a performer. That she made it to this day is a testament not just to her skill (though that certainly helps!) but also the support of her family, her musical collaborators, and all the people who encouraged her through the years to put her music out there.

“With these songs, I just want people to feel a sense of hope and healing on whatever journey they’re on,” Emily says.

Now that the EP is out, she’s looking forward to her upcoming live performances; this week she’ll be taking the stage in numerous venues throughout Knoxville to share her music and her message of hope.

You can learn more about Emily on her website or in Cityview’s previous feature.

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