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Navigating Parenthood as a Single Parent

When it comes to parenting most of us are relatively unprepared. We may know the basics from our experience with family or friends, or at least we think we know. But, for every parent I have ever talked too, and certainly for myself, there have been moments that I could not in a million years have imagined would have happened to me. This column and podcast, Insights, is intended to be a look into areas of life where we all need more information. Speaking as the father of two boys, a single dad, and any overworked entrepreneur, you can never have too much information. With this in mind as Bruce Fox and I sat down this month, we decided to talk about our experiences as single dads. Sometimes you get more than you anticipate, and I was admittedly brought to tears as I listened to Bruce recant the story of his daughter’s transition into her teenage years. Bruce normally leans into the conversation, but in this case, I saw him leaning away from the microphone as the emotion of the memory welled up inside him. Just as he was re-living a moment from the past, I found myself visualizing moments from my own experiences and wondering how my reaction to those events affected my boys.

Both Bruce and I had the misfortune of experiencing divorce. Any divorce is a tragedy, some more than others. It was uplifting to hear how Bruce had managed to keep his civil and maintain the best interests of his children. I know from experience that civility and maintaining the children’s best interest is essential to raising your kids correctly. Don’t depend on your attorney or the judge to know what is best for your family; that is a matter that only you and God know best. I hope you take time to listen to our podcast and that if you find yourself in the divorce arena, be sure to get some really good counseling before making any decisions.

Parenting is complex and often difficult, but there are few things that can bring as much joy into your life than knowing that you took the time to do the right thing for your children. We would welcome hearing your stories about parenting.   

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