Unexpected Gifts


COVID-19 has forced us all to reevaluate what we take for granted

I know for all of us, the past year has been both challenging and life-changing. COVID-19 took my dad just before Thanksgiving. My mother, both brothers, and my wife all contracted the virus and, thankfully, survived. I deeply empathize with all those who have lost someone during this time. So how then through all of that has the pandemic given us a gift?

My family and I have always been close, but as you can imagine with six children, their spouses, and 13 grandchildren, we are also people with extremely full schedules. We all have our own activities and social life. And while we stayed in touch before the pandemic, we were not always intentional about getting together other than for normal family vacations. 

However, the pain, anxiety and isolation brought on by this new paradigm has caused me to turn inward and develop a much larger appreciation for things I once took for granted. It has brought me closer to my wife, Mary Jane, and together we are spending more time than ever with our children and grandchildren. Not all of that time has been face to face, but thanks to video-chatting, it has happened nonetheless.

Social isolation can be devastating. As we navigated through our losses, it became clear that what was left is ever more precious. So I encourage you, despite whatever you’re going through right now or have gone through this past year, look for the silver lining and share your time in whatever way possible with those you love.

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