Are our Tennessee Natural Resources in Danger?


A Conversation with the Tennessee Wildlife Federation

We live in an area abundantly rich in natural resources. The beauty of our lakes and rivers is nothing short of amazing, and our mountains are as equally impressive. To whom do we trust the stewardship of these priceless resources? Mostly, that falls to the government and they often could use a little help and guidance from the private sector. According to Mike Butler, CEO of TWF, we are losing wildlife habitat every day and fighting both invasive diseases and species from further harming the use and enjoyment of our outdoor heritage. We should all be very concerned.

For many people though, out of sight is out of mind, and this can be a recipe for disaster.  It certainly was the case on Kentucky Lake as the Asian carp silently invaded. According to Butler, property values have fallen as much as 50 percent and recreational use of the lake has fallen massively. And it’s no wonder because who would want to wake board or jet ski with 15-pound carp jumping and hitting you in the face at 30 miles per hour?  The Asian carp is in the Tennessee River, already north of Chattanooga, which means it is only one step away from Fort Loudoun Lake.

We interviewed Mike Butler, Terry Lewis, and Bruce Fox to discuss what the Tennessee Wildlife Federation is doing to help preserve our natural resources. Click the video above to listen to our Insights podcast.

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