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The Good Partners

Window Depot stands by the idea that it’s not just what you know—It’s how much you care

Story by Matt McGarry | Photography by Nathan Sparks

Chuck Dale, owner of Window Depot USA of Knoxville, understands that a home is the face we put out into the world – that windows, siding, and doors are not merely functional components but, instead, are aesthetic features that contribute to how the outside world sees us. 

With more than 30 years in the residential building industry, Chuck understands that for this reason, it’s important to deliver only the highest quality products and craftsmanship. He also believes that, even as an owner, it’s important to be involved and there just aren’t many companies out there that offer that kind of service. We’ve all heard the old saying: “This isn’t personal, it’s just business.” Well, Chuck’s philosophy regarding work is just the opposite. 

“Work has always been really personal to me,” he says. “My father shared something with me years ago, when I was just getting into the business as a general contractor. He said, ‘you know, people don’t care how much you know, son, until they know how much you care.’ And that stuck with me.”

2024 Cityview Magazine Window Depot Team | Photo by Nathan Sparks

Understanding Clients

Window Depot clients, Mike and Candy Pung, couldn’t agree more. 

“We’ve been in this house for 28 years,” says Mike, “and it was really beginning to show its age. Not just the windows, but the siding, too.”

The Pungs felt their home truly needed a “facelift,” and to get the process started, engaged four different companies to bid on the work. 

“It wasn’t like we were going to award the project to just anyone,” says Candy. “We asked a lot of questions with the goal of really getting to understand not just what they would do, but what it would be like working with them.” 

That selection process led them to Window Depot. According to Mike, the couple liked Chuck’s involvement and the transparency shown in walking the Pungs through the process from start to finish. 

“I really liked their views on the work and the process that would be performed,” says Mike. “We got a good vibe. Chuck and his team gave us a really good feeling about how they’d manage the project … that they’d be good partners and that they would absolutely stand behind the work. We didn’t get that vibe from the other companies.”

Part of the Process

Once the project began, the Pungs, of course, had questions. Mike recalls how he and Candy would often walk around the house while the work was underway. Like any remodeling project, there were decisions that needed to be made along the way, and the Pungs were pleased by how the Window Depot team managed that part of it. 

“They were very respectful of our questions and ideas,” recalls Candy. “This is the sort of thing that could aggravate some people, but they were always more than willing to discuss things with us. And they were also really innovative on how to address a given area. I really liked that.” 

“Not to mention,” adds Mike, “that we’d planned on the project taking two weeks and the work was completed in just 5 days. Wow!”

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