5 Fun Games to Play in the Car


Once upon a time, before cars came equipped with DVD players, we kept the kids occupied with road games. Here are some of the best ones.

1. The Alphabet Game

Players look for words starting with every letter of the alphabet, going in order from A to Z. Look at billboards, road signs, branded trucks, restaurant names, and more. An easier version: the letters don’t have to be at the start of a word.

2. The License Plate Game

See how many states you can find on license plates! Make a list. The one who finds the plate from farthest away gets a prize.

3. The Hunt

Make a list of obscure things to find along the road. A white horse. A church steeple. A school bus. Etc. The person who finds them first gets a small prize.

4. 20 Questions

One player thinks of an object and the others have to ask her yes or no questions in order to figure out what it is. They can only ask 20, and if she stumps you, she wins!

5. Cows on My Side

This simple game goes like this: When you see cows on your side of the road, yell “Cows on my side!” You get a point for each time you call a group of cows. If you spot cows on the opposite side, you can yell “Cows on your side!” and steal a point from your opponent.

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