5 Retro Foods We Don’t Miss on the Dinner Table


1. Jello salads

Cooks in the 1950s and ’60s couldn’t get enough of putting stuff in jello — everything from meat to fish to tomatoes. I’d rather eat my proteins and veggies not surrounded by gelatin.

2. Canned asparagus

Maybe it’s just me, but I was an adult before I knew that fresh asparagus was a thing. And not a slimy, smelly thing.

3. Frozen TV dinners

Those meals in a divided plate were a standby when the folks had plans to be out on the town.

4. Beans on a bun

When the cupboards were bare, we could always count on baked beans broiled atop a hamburger bun. If we were going gourmet, there’s be a slice of cheese and a strip of bacon on top.

5. Salmon patties

Much like canned asparagus, the patties made from canned salmon pretty well destroyed any interest I had in that food. The cat, however, loved it.

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