5 Neighborhoods Celebrating the Fourth of July


Because the City of Knoxville’s 2020 Festival on the 4th has been canceled this year, the city invites you to participate in the “Knoxville’s Neighborhood Trails of Red, White and Blue'”. Nine neighborhoods signed up to participate in the decorating competition. Drive through these neighborhoods to see the patriotic displays July 3-5. Here are five options. The complete list of neighborhoods can be found here.

1. Southside Waterfront, located on W. Blount, includes 303 Flats and City

2. 4th & Gill, located on Luttrell and Eleanor

3. Northwest Hills Subdivision – Kingsmore Drive and Kinlock Lane

4. Historic Gibbs Dr located at 2800 and 3100 blocks Gibbs Drive

5. Robison Ridge, located at Tori Rd

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