5 Things to Know About Grainger County Tomatoes


1. First, don’t go to the Tomato Festival.

This year’s tomato festival has been canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Check back in 2021! It’s usually held the last weekend in July.

2. The region’s tomatoes are known for homegrown flavor, texture and appearance.

Farmers say the secret is both the limestone-based soil they’re grown in and the many varieties they grow.

3. Many farmers and markets there sell their fresh tomatoes.

Grainger County is about an hour northeast of Knoxville. Head that way and look for the signs. Of course, you can do it the easy way and buy them locally at Knoxville groceries. Just look for the signage.

4. There are about 70 growers and 650-plus greenhouses devoted to tomato production.

Grab a loaf of bread and fry up the bacon. Here we come!

5. Did you know?

This has nothing to do with tomatoes, but Grainger County was formed from Knox and Hawkins Counties in 1796. It is named for Mary Grainger Blount, wife of William Blount.

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