5 Great Ways to Use Your Homegrown Tomatoes


I know. You pick and pick and think ‘how many BLTs can I eat!! If you’re not a canner, here are five great ways to use those excess ‘maters.

1. Roasted marinara sauce

My daughter shared this recipe with me from thewoodenskillet.com, and I’ve made it three times. Next time I’m freezing a batch.

2. Middle Eastern vegetable salad

This Ina Garten recipe uses lots of garden goodies — cucumbers, basil, mint, parsley — and makes a refreshing summer dish. Serve with pita bread. From The Food Network.

3. Strawberry salad with balsamic

Loveandlemons.com suggests this salad recipe that also includes avocados and pecans.

4. New takes on ‘mater sandwiches

What?? Mess with a classic?!?? These alternatives from thekitchn.com look tempting enough to make a change.

5. Tomato, basil and caramelized onion quiche

Themodernproper.com suggests using lots of garden produce in this summer quiche. If your garden isn’t quite so expansive, hit one of the farmers markets in town for local produce.

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