5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Birds Happy

Splish splash bluejay taking a bath in a backyard birdbath.

1. Plants a diverse range of things in your yard.

Birds eat seeds, berries, nectar, worms, caterpillars and spiders, to name a few. So the more variety you offer, they happier they are.

2. Birds need food and fresh water.

Change the water you offer daily, and when there’s less to eat, fill the feeders, please.

3. They also need places to hide and nest.

Conifers are great for blocking wind, supplying cover and protecting them from predators. You’ll also likely find nests there in the spring.

4. Trees they love the most…

… include oak, cedar, birch, maple, serviceberry, crabapples and cherries, mulberry and holly.

5. Don’t be too tidy

Let seed heads stand for the birds to eat. Dead trees give cavity-nesting birds a place to call home and provide insects for other birds to eat. Tall wildflowers and untamed sections of the yard provide great hiding places as well.

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